No Summit Out Of Sight Book Review

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The book, No Summit out of Sight, written by Jordan Romero and Linda Le Blanc, describes the experiences Jordan Romero had while on his journey to climb the Seven Summits. Realizing his dream at age nine, Jordan decided to climb the highest peak on each continent, and with the support of his family, set a world record as the youngest person (age fifteen) to climb the Seven Summits, even climbing both Mount Kosciuszko and the Carstensz Pyramid, which are topics of debate as to which mountain should be the official summit for Australia. Having read this book and being inspired by Jordan’s dream, I decided to climb Mount Kosciuszko, the shortest summit at 7,310 feet. Stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing away my fear of heights, I got to experience a taste of mountaineering and connect with nature. Mount Kosciuszko was the second mountain Jordan climbed and the mountain I decided to climb. Mount Kosciuszko is located on Australia and is 7,310 feet tall, making it the shortest summit out of the eight mountains Jordan climbed. I believed that Mount Kosciuszko would be the best mountain for me because it was…show more content…
Despite the challenges I encountered, I was able to overcome them and reach the summit. I am proud that I was able to venture out of my comfort zone and see what the world has to offer. I also realized that the world is beautiful. There are so many fascinating natural features of our world that are labeled as “dangerous,” such as mountains and the danger falling, rockslides, and avalanches if there is snow; and the depths of the ocean. We have only discovered five percent of the ocean so far, and I guarantee that we will find incredible and creatures and plants. We’re putting so much effort into exploring space and discovering new planets, but we should be exploring our own planet
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