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Witchcraft (Three Messages from No Witchcraft For Sale) In the story, No Witchcraft for Sale, by Doris Lessing, there is a young boy by the name of Teddy who is riding his scooter and then stopped by a tree and a tree snake spit his venom into Teddy's eyes. Teddy stumbled into the kitchen and one of the servants by the name of Gideon knew exactly what to do. Gideon left out of the kitchen and soon returned and started rubbing his hands together with some sort of root. He began spitting into his hands and then started rubbing Teddy’s face. Teddy soon regained eyesight and was completely back to normal. In this story Lessing does a outstanding job intertwining messages that could be taken away from the story. In the story, No Witchcraft for Sale, by Doris Lessing there are three main messages that I took away. To begin, in the story, No Witchcraft for Sale, by Lessing there is a…show more content…
Gideon was a servant and wasn’t accepted like Teddy and his family were. Everyone thought nothing of Gideon, almost as if they were better than him. That's why when they found out that Gideon healed Teddy everyone was shocked. No one expected anything from him. He was simply a worker for Teddy's family. In the story No Witchcraft for Sale, Lessing states, “A Big Doctor from the Big City, and he had come all way to see Gideon” (Pg. 1333). This shows that people from the upper class never usually even associated with people like Gideon. He was so shocked that a man from the city would come all the way just to see him. That's not how things should work. Everyone should be considered equal. No matter where you live or how much money you have. You should be treated like a human being. The only reason they did want to talk to Gideon was because they wanted something from him. I personally believe that social classes should not exist. Everyone should be treated exactly the

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