No Women In Combat

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Guns fire from across the desert and the ground shakes. Their lieutenant colonel tells them to get their weapons out and aim. Then, they hit the ground because the enemy has taken over. That’s what it’s like to be in combat. To be in combat means fighting between armed forces and the controversial topic has been in the news lately. Across the battlefield, thousands of troops fight for their lives in order to protect our nation and hundreds come back in body bags. Everyday the American Flag rises in honor of the men and women who serve our nation everyday and also to salute those who deploy into combat. But, should women be allowed to serve in combat? The no women in combat rule was stated in 1994 and in February of 2012, Congress began eliminating it. Women…show more content…
Leon Panetta, a past secretary of defense, and the DOD abolished the no women in combat law, making many service members proud (Congress 13). Another women who made military history was Loretta Walsh as well as Mary Walker. Loretta Walsh was the first women to enlist in the Navy, only at the age of eighteen, encouraging women to join (Ash Grant 1). Mary Walker is the only female today who’s ever won the congressional medal of honor, the highest service medal, showing women are equal to men (Ash Grant 1). Former Army National Guard Sergeant Paigh Bumgarner had one of the toughest experiences yet, and sadly she’s one of the thousands of soldiers who have to go through this. Bumgarner says she can recall being in the line of fire and at the end of the day, putting the remains of her best friend in a body bag (Laura Browder 1). Another significant soldier is Staff Sergeant Jennifer Hunt who campaigned shortly before the DOD lifted the restriction on female soldiers (Daniel Littlewood 1). These influential women stood up for what they believe in and showed that women are no force to be reckoned

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