Noah In Genesis 5: 1-6: 15 God

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Noah meaning “rest” or “comfort” is played by Russell Crowe. In Genesis 5:1-6:2 we can see that Noah is a direct descendant of Adam. His father was Lamech but his mother was unknown. Noah was the father to Shem, Ham and Japheth when he was five hundred years old. Throughout the bible Noah is considered a very righteous man, he lived a perfect life in God’s eyes following all of his commandments. The faith and trust that Noah had in his creator is truly remarkable, this type of faith we all should strive for. God choose Noah for this task because he knew Noah’s faith was so strong that he would be able to believe in what God was capable of. Therefore, Noah and his family built the Ark how God commanded them to. In Genesis 6:15 God states “This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high.” That would mean that it is larger than a football field, but it would have to be because they filled the ark with animals two of each kind so that they could multiply. After the flood his family would re-fill the earth after God has washed it clean of all evil whether it was mankind or animals. Shem which means name, is played by Douglas Booth, he is the oldest son of Noah. he is the progenitor of Near Eastern Semitic peoples he
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Throughout the movie you can see just that. Noah’s family for example was extremely close in the beginning making sure to rely on one another for their survival in the evil world that surrounds them. They lived a life that would please God making sure they did not kill either man or animals. After Noah’s calling to build the ark he has realized that the road ahead would be hard. Naameh his loyal wife, helped him along the way with raising and protecting their children. Family is everything to Naameh and that’s why she works so hard throughout the movie to protect Shem’s and Illa’s newborn

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