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Noah Kim Noah Kim is a sixteen-year-old guitarist who is currently studying with Tylor Belding. Noah has been playing guitar for six years, and it has been an important part of his life. Guitar served as a means by which he could express his emotions and entertain others. He especially enjoys playing in concerts where he can produce music for everyone to enjoy. Noah has many concert experiences. In fact, this is not his first time playing a concerto. Last year, Noah played “Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso” by Camille Saint-Saëns on marimba with the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra. He also received a gold medal for scoring the highest in the Royal Conservatory of Music Examination in BC. He has played in various concerts including those hosted by his family in Tapestry, a retirement home. He also…show more content…
She started her musical life at the age of six and learned to play several instruments including piano and percussion. She has won several gold medals in the Royal Conservatory of Music for percussion. She has also played in numerous concerts and district competitions on both piano and marimba and has won various awards. Ireh is currently studying with Ross Salvosa and enjoys learning from him. She has been playing in Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra as a percussionist and has been playing the drums in church services for 6 years. Outside her musical life, she loves to play basketball, and has been successful in different teams. She not only enjoys classical music, but she also loves K-pop and jazz. She is a very social person and loves her school life. Her brother, Noah Kim, and her encouraging parents have inspired her to play a musical instrument. Ever since she started, she fell in love with the instrument. She hopes that she will be able to continue playing piano. She would like to thank her father and grandparents for supporting and praying for her from
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