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Noah’s Ark: Voyage for the Truth The Genesis Flood is an extraordinary event that occurred thousands of years ago. Approximately 4,800 years ago, God decided to flood the Earth in order to cleanse the world of sin. God gave Noah the task of building a gigantic vessel large enough to hold two of every species in the world. Welcoming this task with open arms, Noah constructed the Ark. The enormous vessel sailed the waters for months until the water resided. The Ark found its final resting place on Mount Ararat in modern day Turkey. Feeling terrible, God promised to never flood the Earth again. Recently, the Ark has been found at this exact location mentioned in the Bible. Despite the discovery of its location, some people still do not believe…show more content…
Some claim that the vessel had very limited carrying capacity given that it is made of wood. Contrary to this belief, the time period of the flood came before species started to break off and expand, so the Ark would only need to hold 16,000 land-dwelling creatures at the maximum (Was There Really a Noah’s Ark & Flood?). Disbelievers claim that the Ark never could have existed due to the fact that no boat of this size could have been built that long ago. However, regardless of the size of the boat, the wood used to build this vessel dates back to the exact time period the Bible stated that the flood occurred (Noah’s Ark Found in Turkey?). Another claim against the belief that the Ark once sailed the Earth is that there is simply not enough water. This claim, however, is also incorrect. Without even thinking about rain, there is already enough water on Earth to cover all land by 1.7 miles (Was There Really a Noah’s Ark & Flood?). Contrary to all of the theories that could say that the Genesis Flood did not occur, there is simply too much evidence proving that the extraordinary event did occur and Noah’s Ark is the vessel found on Mount…show more content…
The Ark was exposed due to large amounts of rainfall and powerful earthquakes. The wood used to build this enormous boat is dated back 4,800 years, the exact time that the Genesis Flood was said to occur in the Bible. The size is even more proof that the discovered vessel is indeed Noah’s Ark. The boat is 300 cubits long and 50 cubits wide, the exact size the Bible used to describe the Ark. Despite all other theories, the answer to this old question is quite clear. The vessel found on Mount Ararat is the boat that sailed the Earth 4,800 years ago. The Ark has been discovered in modern day Turkey atop Mount Ararat, the exact resting place that the Bible

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