Noah's Wife Monologue

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Noah 's POV I walked into my house to see Lauren and Sharna curled up on the couch. They both had tear stains on their cheeks. It broke my heart knowing that they were broken because of me. I kissed Lauren 's head, set the papers on the table, and went to bed. Sharna 's POV I woke up curled up on the couch with Lauren. I got up, careful not to wake Lauren, and headed to the kitchen. When I got there, I noticed papers on the table. I went over and looked. Divorce papers. I can 't believe this is really happening. All my friends have perfect relationships. Why me? I got my coffee and sat down at the table and started reading the papers. A few minutes later a groggy Lauren came in. "Morning momma," she said. "Morning baby girl," I said picking

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