Noble Cause Corruption Essay

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Noble Cause Corruption: A Means to an End
Noble cause orruption as a means to an end and its use in law enforcement, with public and legal responses has implications of unjust and unethical practices which require disciplinary actions. A brief look into areas of noble cause corruption leads to an over view of the due process and a comparison of noble cause corruption, one of hollywoods most popular interpretations of noble cause corruption and what can be done to eliminate or minimize noble cause curruption will be discussed in some detail.
Noble cause corruption is a term that is used to describe actions or behaviors in law enforcement which in simple terms means breaking laws to get an end result. Perjuring oneself to get a conviction, use of force on a suspect to get a confession of guilt, or even planting evidence are just a few examples of noble cause
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He is a police officer who is in search a kidnapper/murderer suspect. This character is called Dirty Harry due to his, get the bad guy no matter what it takes, actions. In searching a residence without a warrant, inflicting physical harm on the suspect and ignoring procedures of due process and his superiors, his hands were considered dirty, and the suspect was set free. (Banks, 2009, pp. 42-43)
Noble cause corruption has numerous and sometimes complicated issues for the law enforcement professional and the criminal justice system in general. Noble cause corruption causes authority and communications failure with the community and its citizens; suspects are ignoring police officers due to lack of respect and some communities riot in cases of use of force.
When officers appear to be “above the law” or immune from it and engage in policy noncompliant and unconstitutional acts, this gross negligence of duty reinforces community distrust and outrage, fosters morale problems within, and is antithetical to the police service
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