Noble Women Vs Peasant Women

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In the Middle Ages, otherwise known as the Medieval times, women in society were often powerless, be it either a noblewoman or a peasant woman. Noblewoman, though, did have a somewhat better life than that of a peasant woman. A noblewoman would life in a great big castle, while a peasant woman would live in a miniscule, one room house that often housed a family along with many animals. Aside from this difference and a few others, there were quite a few similarities. These similarities included their duties as wives and mothers and the overall discrimination of them by men. In the Middle Ages, both peasant women and noble women were faced with oppression but led very different lives. Women generally occupied a lower level than men in…show more content…
Noble women played active roles in warrior society. When their husbands were away, noble women would pick up the slack and supervise vassals, control the household, and perform the necessary agricultural and medical tasks (Prentice Hall World History Textbook). Occasionally noble women also went to war to defend their estate because women's’ rights to inheritance were restricted by the feudal system. Even though some women didn’t inherit fiefs, they received land as part of their dowry (Prentice Hall World History Textbook). Likewise, peasant women also enacted important roles in the household. A peasant women cooked three meals a day for her husband and children, made clothing for her family, tended the fire, milked cows, cared for her children, and also tended to any tasks of her husband while he was away at war (Author’s Den). As far as marriage went, noble women had arranged marriages, while peasant women could freely choose who they married (Prentice Hall World History Textbook). Before a noblewoman’s parents were able to arrange for a marriage, the young lady was held to standards of her ability to spin, weave, and supervise servants (Prentice Hall World History Textbook). After marriage, both a peasant woman and noble woman's main task would be to bear a multitude of children to care for. Education was another factor in which noble women and peasant women…show more content…
They were always ranked lower than men in the feudal system, which led to their powerless role in society. During this time, women were even more maltreated than in the Hellenistic kingdoms, where women had more freedom and weren’t hed to ideal woman standards. Their lives were not just a constant cycle taking care of the household, reproducing, and caring for the children. There were similarities between the lives of peasant women and noble women, yet still a few distinctions that make a huge impact on how various their lifestyles
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