Nobles In The Medieval Ages

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There were many attributes of high class nobles that separated them from the rest of medieval society. Nobles in the medieval ages consisted of Knights, Dukes, Barons, and Counts. These people are either born into these titles or achieve it through their skills in battle or participating in council. The three images provided for this assignment show a lot about the way nobles looked and the things they possess in medieval ages. In two of these pictures, the men and women are mounted upon horses. It seems as though having personal horses is essential when someone is a noble. These horses are well groomed and don't have just an ordinary saddle on them. “He saddled a grayish-white horse with a black stripe down its back…” This primary source shows that the horses had to be the prettiest. They had to stand out so people would know the rider is of higher class. The saddles look like they were crafted to perfection for these nobles.…show more content…
It is also brightly colored which demonstrates their wealth. The men in all three of these picture have some sort of hat on with relatively long groomed hair. The lower class usually wore dull colored materials that were not flashy or particularly nice whatsoever. In the picture with a man and a woman of high class both mounted on a horse, the woman has a bird perched on her hand. “It has long been recognized that the sport of hawking or falconry attained most widespread popularity and disputed supremacy as an aristocratic pastime during the Middle Ages.” The sport that it appears these two in the picture participate in is Falconry. Falconry is when a human uses a trained bird, such as a hawk or falcon, to hunt quarry. This was only done by people in higher
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