Nobodies Book Report

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In the book Nobodies the purpose of this book is to inform people that there is still slavery out there. The author John Bowe wants the audience to realize that slavery is not over with. John Bowe talks about how there is people mistreated and underpaid. John Bowes arguments are mainly how ugly modern day slavery is and it can get. Before reading this I did not know that there was so much slavery going on in this world. John Bowe reveals the sick and cruel things that most people did not know that is still going on. We all know that there is evil in this world and people that want to find ways to make money but there are people that go through things that we could not and should not go through. A big question that I have been asking myself is, do I contribute to slavery? "We buy Granny Smiths picked by slaves in New York and Washington State. We buy paper from trees planted by workers who don 't get paid."…show more content…
The stories that john Bowe put in here seem fiction. Like El diablo. I don’t know how people like El Diablo do it but it’s just pure evil. I think a good way to fix this is coming over the legal way. Many people come over and just start working but reading this book make me believe that there is people out there that will take advantage of illegal immigrants. People like El diablo and John Pickle are evil people and seek out to take advantage of immigrants that are looking for work.
This book has changed my view on modern day slavery. I have learned about modern day slavery in my other classes but I haven’t learned this amount of details. This book also makes me want to help stop people taking advantage of immigrants. This book is a great read for people that want to know more about modern day slavery. The stories that John Bowe tells will get to you and make you want to help these people that are put in these situations and put stop to slave
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