Nobody Ever Told You Analysis

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Both Laurie Anderson’s motivational song “Beautiful Red Dress” and Carrie Underwood’s more uplifting song “Nobody ever told you” addresses positivity, yet each poet employs unique shifts in tone to achieve her respective purpose. Laurie Anderson portrays women as treated unfairly while Carrie Underwood motivates women to view themselves as confident and self-reliant. Anderson’s use of literary devices, anaphora, and imagery emphasize the neglection of women, and emphasizes the gender inequality which causes economic inequality. However, in contrast, Carrie Underwood’s use of literary devices, similes, and anaphora highlights the positivity of women.
Through Anderson’s Song Beautiful Red Dress, she highlights in her lyrics “I’m at high tide”. This emphasizes the confidence she has in herself and that women should exemplify
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She repeatedly sings “You shine like a diamond” to remind women of their strength and beauty. It spreads positivity and encouragement to other women. In addition, in her song she portrays the freedom they have when she says, “Oh you’re free as a bird up on a wire.” This simile compares a woman as a bird and symbolizes independence and and self determination. Another simile that Underwood uses in her song is the comparison between women and a flower. Towards the end of her song, she says, “Just like a flower growing wild.” This symbolizes the growth and experiences learned in the past to improve.
In conclusion, both of these poems demonstrate the potential women have and demonstrate how women are viewed in society. In Laurie Anderson’s song, Beautiful Red Dress, she utilizes parallelism, repetition and anaphora to contribute to the meaning. Throughout her song she repeatedly mentions the wage difference between gender. In the song Nobody ever told you by Carrie Anderson, she spreads positivity through her lyrics which allows women to be motivated on
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