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Nocturnal Animals (30.11.2017)
Yesterday was a very stressing day at work; I had many cases to finish, a big crime to investigate and an angry supervisor to deal with. I returned back home and decided not to sleep until doing something to relive such stress. After thinking for some time, I decided to watch a movie. Currently, I am at work and I am thinking why can’t I stop thinking about this movie? Nocturnal Animals is a 2016 American movie directed by Tom Ford, based on the novel “Tony and Susan” written by Austin Wright. The movie cast are Amy Adams (Susan), Jake Gyllenhaal (Tony/Edward), Michael Shannon (Bobby) and others. In the film Susan is a successful artist who is unhappy in her marriage, Edward is her ex-husband and first love who
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Dogs have always proved themselves to be man’s best friend, they are loyal to their father who raises them, fed them and took care of them. When I was twelve years old, I got my first dog, she was a two months old Rottweiler, it was the best moment of my life. I started taking care of her and deal with her as if she is my second sister; spent much time with her and took her out every day. I even used to sit with her for hours talking with her. Although I couldn’t understand her language, I always had that feeling deep inside me telling me that she understands. I used to talk to her about this guy who used to bully me in class, that girl in the judo class I had a crush on, my parents’ fights which I couldn’t handle anymore. She used to look at me with curiosity with her eyes fully opened and her head moving right and left with every new sentence I say as if she enjoys what I am saying. I and Donna had a strong bond, stronger than her bond with my brother and my little sister. Moreover, when we had a family gathering she used to come sit by my side or on my lap, which used to drive my family jealous. They used to ask me about the secret of her love to me, they were feeding her maybe more than me, they used to take her out and take care of her, I used to believe that she loves me because I was talking to her, I was doubtless that she can understand and feel everything I was telling her.…show more content…
As I love Africa and I have never traveled out of Egypt I decided to go to Tanzania. The idea of Tanzania got in my head as one of my best friends asked me to join her in spring but I couldn’t. After she returned she told me about how beautiful Tanzania is and how she spent the best vacation of her life there. I called the embassy and asked for some information about the visa, two days later I went to it, it is located in Mohandeseen district, the people working there are very friendly and welcoming, I paid the fees and two days after the called me to receive my passport with the visa. I confirmed my flight booking at this day, packed and traveled to Tanzania. I took me five hours to reach Dar El Salam airport, once I got there I felt so happy that I took this decision. To go to Zanzibar from Dar El Salam you should take a ferry for one hour then you reach Stone Town the capital of Zanzibar, I booked this ferry trip before traveling as my friend recommended I should do because the port is usually very crowded as it is the only mean of transportation one can use to go to Zanzibar. Once I reached Zanzibar I felt as I am in heaven, the town is so clean, green and shining. Citizens of Zanzibar fully depending on farming and tourism as their only source of income, so they were very helpful and friendly. I am not fond of
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