Nocturne 4 Analysis

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When looking at Nocturnes 2-4 as a whole, the nocturnes represent the struggle that had plagued Poland during that time. They seem to offer a history of the emotions of Polish people during the revolutionary time. Nocturne 2, for example, would represent the past history of Poland. It is very calm throughout, offering very little dissonance or any musical forms that would be used to represent conflict or strife. It follows a very simple three-beat meter, perhaps as a homage to Poland’s history of the Polinaise and Mazurka dance music, both written in triple meter. Nocturne 2 would represent Poland’s peaceful, harmonious period. Nocturne 3, then, is representative of Poland’s beginning of clash and conflict. It starts off very calm and peaceful, much like Nocturne 2. However, around the 3:18 mark, some dissonance and increased tempo are introduced. This creates a worrisome sound, suggesting that not everything is right in Poland anymore. Even when the piece tries to return to the main theme, it keeps on getting interrupted by the action in the bass. The song finally concludes on a more resolute note, with a rising, victorious sound that culminates at a high point on the final note.…show more content…
My favorite Nocturne would have to be Nocturne No. 4, op. 15/1. To me, it sounds hopeful throughout nearly the entire piece. It is calm and has a nice balance in both of the hands. It is also very relaxing and easy to listen to. The beginning reminds me of walking around on a winter’s day. It is airy and light. The middle section, with the much faster rhythm in tempo, is beautiful in its own way as well. The way it resolves back into the first form drives home the simplicity of the first form and makes it stand out that much more. When this is accomplished, it is simply breathtaking. There is a feeling of certainty or knowing that I get with this piece too – that I know everything will work out and become better as well. It is simply a great Nocturne to listen to and ponder

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