Nodding's Argumentative Analysis

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The simple answer the question proposed is, Noddings uses a level of relation between the potential child and the mother to determine when abortion is morally acceptable and unacceptable. Noddings believes if the relationship between the two gets to a certain point, then it is no longer in the realm of being acceptable. She has her focus on the beginning of the relation, not the start of life. The very first part of this argument for either view point is to establish what morality even is, and how to measure it. That is the biggest factor in Nodding’s stance, how we as humans should determine morality. A critical part of Noddings argument is based on the belief that there are two parts of morality. The first part being that there is a natural…show more content…
This is similar to the Supreme Court’s ruling. According to the law, an abortion is legal during the first trimester, allowed under certain medical advisement in the second trimester, and illegal during the third trimester. The connection between the court’s law, and Noddings argument is no coincidence. The reason the Supreme Court made the abortion law in this way is because as the child progress in development, it becomes closer and closer to the idea of being a human with literal life. With Noddings belief that abortion is less moral as the relation builds, it makes sense the relationship builds between mother and child as it gets further along in age, and progresses in the trimesters. Whether it be for the same reasoning, Noddings should agree with what the Supreme Court has ruled in the regards to when abortions should be allowed. It also shows how the Supreme Court seems to be making the morally best choice for our country. This reading brought into question, does it even matter what the line is that separates the acceptable stage from the unacceptable. Regardless of the situation the mother was in, people will judge based on their prior ideas of abortions. Looking at the abortion for the point of view other than the mother, then it seems that the situation is irrelevant, and people will decide if the mother made a morally right…show more content…
If the mother is in any kind of risk because of the pregnancy, is it still immoral to have an abortion, regardless of the relation formed. Is it morally unacceptable to have an abortion if the mother is choosing between her life or the potential baby’s life? I would think it would be morally okay to have an abortion preformed under these circumstances because the mother is already part of society and has a greater right to live. Although the argument could easily be made that the baby has more potential in society and deserves a chance at life

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