Noise Pollution And Its Effects

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Noise Pollution and its Effects
What type of impact does noise pollution play on your health? It turns out, that as the population in the united states increases so does unwanted noise. Noise pollution can be defined merely as unwanted noise. Unwanted noise can be considered any wrong sound, at any wrong place, at any wrong time. Unwanted noise is commonly known as annoying, but not many know the profound effects it may have on health. Noise pollution may not be on the national agenda as the primary concern, but its results are concerning. The primary sources of noise pollution are industrial sectors, machinery, transportation such as motor vehicles, aircraft, and lastly daily activities may contribute to noise pollution. Poor urban planning also adds to the problem. Excessive sound is harmful to human health, and the well being of animal wildlife. Loud machinery, trains, or planes can cause noise-induced hearing loss and can contribute to cardiovascular problems, and coronary art disease. In animals, the effects may be much more pronounced.
In humans, noise can affect our behavior, health, and how we interact. JM Field, in a study

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