Noise Pollution Literature Review

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A literature review is a research’s critique findings from other studies related to the areas. The review of related literatures provides an essential links needed to address research questions. The review of related literature obtained from relevant professional journals, books, Masters and PhD thesis and other educational reports. In this chapter the researcher will present a review of literature related to study. This study considered different theories to support the effects of noise pollution to student activities in schools around urban areas in Arusha City. However some of empirical studies will be reviewed in order to identify the knowledge gap. 2.2. Review of theories Cannon-Bard: The Emergency Theory According to theorist Walter Cannon,…show more content…
This theory is applicable to this study to explain how noise may affect human activities including students. Therefore in education area teacher and school leaders need to shift and reshape their perspective. 2.3. Review of the empirical study In empirical study the researchers will pass through different studies conducted by different scholars addressing the effects of noise pollution to student activities in schools around urban areas in Arusha City. “A substance is called pollutant when its presence causes harm to living thing” Beckett. B.S (1976). From that’s explanation I can say that noise pollution also involves the addition of substance to the environment, it harm the teaching and learning for both teachers and students e.g. Cell phones rings, Car, Truck traffic and noise of construction equipments. Laxmipathi, G (1978) explain the noise pollution as a recognized major environmental pollution and prolonged exposure to noise levels in excess of so decibels is considered a hazard to mental, physical and social wellbeing. “Natural life of the themes was serious affected by its increasing levels of pollution that are water, air, land and noise pollution” Oriodan, I. (1995): Environmental science Management London, Longman Group Ltd. pg. 28 –

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