Noise Pollution To The Environment

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This report is about the information of the noise pollution and it’s affects to the environment and also some resolution and conclusions which can be implementable, have been given to minimize the noise pollution for better earth.
Noise pollution is a current issue which is disturbing the equilibrium of the earth. This is not a national issue. This being growing as an international hazard and creating an unhealthy population in a country because when the resources that contributes to the development become weak and polluted.
All of us used to the sound in our day today. Loud music, television, traffic and even pet barking. All these have become a part of our life and rarely disturb us. However when the sound of the television keeps u away from sleeping all night or the traffic sound start to give you headache or any sound from the environment makes you unhappy and distract your comfort, then then that sound or noise is known as noise pollution nowadays.
However development of industry and technology are using new techniques for the comfortable life of the human being,
But there also negative aspect and caused workers harmful result and threaten the health of workers.
Traffic is the main source of noise pollution in cities. These noise pollution caused by machines, transportation system, motor vehicle, aircraft and trains. These outdoor noise are called as an environmental noise. Indoor noise can be caused by machines, musical instruments and building activities
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