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Section 1: Introduction (Number of words: 2036) Company: Nokia Product: Nokia Lumia 1.1 Purpose and Objective of the Project: The purpose of this project is to analyse the current market presence of Nokia Lumia. 1. To analyse the marketing strategy employed by Nokia for Lumia in India. 2. To analyse the success/failure of Nokia’s marketing strategies for Lumia in India. 3. To analyse the consumer behaviour for Nokia Lumia 4. To propose future path for Nokia Lumia in light of the above three. 1.2 Justification and Significance of the Project Nokia was the largest vendor of mobile phones in the world and also in India from 1988 to 2012. The aura of the brand was such that mobile phones meant Nokia. But this dominance began to change as the…show more content…
With a new Windows Phone OS platform, Nokia launched the Lumia series in 2011 attempting to regain the lost market share and consumer preference. The analyzation of the marketing strategies being used by Nokia for Lumia shall help us better understand and evaluate the various marketing strategies organizations employ to establish their products and to gain significant market share. The smartphone segment is unique and an interesting choice for project case because it is very dynamic with new technological innovations leading to launch of new products every few months. A study of how these changes affect Nokia Lumia shall help us better understand the dynamics and working of a competitive…show more content…
The same is done for Nokia Lumia as follows: Strengths:  Diverse Product Range: The Lumia range has seven smartphones ranging from a price of Rs.9,000 to Rs.48,000 (as on 18.07.2014). Thus, Lumia offers product options for different income level customers. It has products catering to people who are tight budgeted for whom a phone is a necessity to people with high budget who consider mobile phone as a luxurious item and are ready to spend heavily.  Attractive Product Design: All Nokia Lumia Phones have aesthetically attractive exterior design. Also, all phones in the Lumia series come in exciting range of bright, attractive colours.  Phone Size: All Lumia phones have an optimum size (neither too small nor too large) which makes it easy to use and easy to keep while travelling.  Trustable Brand Name and Image: Nokia is a widely recognized brand name since Nokia has been in the handset market for the longest time. Every household is aware of what Nokia is. In fact, before the entry of smartphones in the mobile phones industry, the name of Nokia was synonymous with a mobile

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