Objectives, Problem And Solution: Nokia

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Nokia is a leading electronics company engaged in the fields of network infrastructure, location based technologies and other advanced technologies. With its headquesrters in Espoo, Finland Nokia has developed into a multinational company with its operations spanning across internaitonal borders.

Nokia has three fields of expertise:

 Nokia Networks which form a part of their infrastructure business;
 HERE, which consists of the location intelligence business; and
 Nokia Technologies who’s main priority is to focus on technology development and activities related to intellectual property rights.
The company’s focus has been on developing large scale telecommunications infrastructure, technology and licensing. It
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Manufacturing low cost phones with latest technologies to challenge the existing leaders in the market and regain its lost ground.
7. To achieve maxmu levels of cusomter satisfaction through best products and service to win the customers' faith and trust and gain their loyalty in the longer run.
Nokia controls 85% of the world’s Windows phone market. The biggest competitor of Nokia being Htc followed by Huawei and Samsung. The main aim of the agreement with Micorsoft was to regain its lost hold from the market and regain the strength of its brand built over the years.

Although being a stronger company as compared to what it was in 2011 Nokia is yet again standing on a burning platform. Despite owning almost all Window Phone sales and making some great phone hardware, Nokia is not even in the list of top 5 smart phone sales companies. Nokia is the only company majorly invested in the windows phone and Microsoft’s OS. The Lumia 920 and Lumia 1020 were not only the first top model windows based phone but also had the best camera phones in the market regardless of their operating system. Nokia wants to become the first in all major categories and right now it virtually has no competition in Windows
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