What Are The Factors That Influence Nokia Selling Point

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Chapter 1 –Introduction
The factor that influences Nokia selling point Nokia is one of the world's most popular mobile phone since Samsung and Apple launched Nokia began slowly being forgotten. Nokia was founded in 1865 in a small town that same name with Nokia it located in the central of Finland(“Nokia-Corporation, Finland,” n.d.)Nokia was once the world's first company that take over the mobile phone market and servicing customer in 130 countries(“Nokia-Corporation, Finland,” n.d.)Few of the Nokia Company have outstanding be in capacity for transforming, develop new technologies and adapting to shifts in market conditions. (“Nokia-Corporation, Finland,” n.d.)
Nokia was started in 1865 as a paper mill operation, then Nokia has created
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But sadly Nokia cannot launch it strongly, then Nokia turns into an acquisition. This behaves catch Finnish government attention. Finnish government was looking up to Nokia that turns up in Finnish and encourage Nokia to collaborate with Finnish Rubber Works that founded in 1898. After that, the first Finish Cable works are created in 1912, and then Nokia took over it. When 1966 Nokia was fully takeover, Nokia took a hand in several new industries that include, synthesize cable operation, electronic, tires, and rubber shoes, Nokia also public their first share offering at the time. (“Nokia-Corporation, Finland,” n.d.) Nokia has set up a department for develop design and manufacturing capabilities on communication system, data processing and industrial automation. After that, the department was spread into several department and then they are focus to develop information system. The system are included personal computer, workstation, mobile phone and digital communication system. Besides that, Nokia also gain a strong position on Scandinavia by using modems and automatic banking system.(“Nokia-Corporation, Finland,”

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