Nokia Swot Analysis

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Strengths Nokia in general is a strong company and has some great strengths to its name, but they are let down a lot by poor management. One of the main strengths is the fact that it was a first company to produce a telephone call and a mobile device. They also made strong, durable and very reliable mobile phones that a lot of people in the 90s nicknamed “the blokia” which in one way is a massive strength for the company as it then reassured people of its build quality and that it would last. Nokia become world leader in 1998 with its spectacular Nokia 6100, they beat Motorola and became the world’s top cellular phone that year and part of its success that year was because they pushed the limits on what could be done on phones with having the…show more content…
Many saw the company hiring a non-finish CEO for the first time as a weakness as he couldn’t understand Nokia as the brand that produced high quality phones. With Nokia going from bad to worse the company thought that a partnership with Microsoft would be the way to stop the sale drop and get back to top again. Unfortunately this was not a case and due to the boring design features and same budget built phones the Lumia’s which were produced caused more of a problem then a solution for the struggling company. In the end Nokia’s biggest weakness was themselves not embracing the fast and changing pace of new technology, which was a little bit ironic as Nokia was the first to revolutionise and change the telecommunications market. Other phones coming to the market were more innovative, offered more features and reliability for their price and just left Nokia products behind in the smartphone revolution. The company made too many mistakes (that could have been easily solved) which in the end resulted in the company totally fall apart. It was business and phone company that people loved and not only because they grow up with a Nokia but because they were different built quality phones than the ones today.…show more content…
Apple and Samsung are the most popular smartphone producing companies and a lot of consumers are loyal to these brands. While Nokia products are cheaper, more durable and have better camera features, people still willing to purchase something more popular and more expensive. Of course, it might be problematic for Nokia products to get as popular as IPhone and Samsung, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Their phones have their unique selling properties, but they are poorly advertised and as a result consumers do not pay that much attention on new releases of

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