Nola Pender Health Promotion Model Analysis

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"The Nola Pender Health Promotion Model, 1996" is based on educating people on how to care for and lead a healthy life. This theory identifies in the individual cognitive-perceptual factors that are modified by the situational, personal and interpersonal characteristics, which results in the participation in behaviors conducive to health, when there is a pattern for action. She considers health as a high-level positive state, and takes it as a goal, towards which the person must strive to lead a healthy life. The objective of this model is to integrate both the nurse and the person regarding the behaviors that promote the human well-being, biological, psychological and sociocultural; It is visualized that the nursing professional should be…show more content…
Nursing: It is the collaboration with individuals, families and communities to create the most favorable conditions for the expression of optimal health and high-level well-being. 5. Illness: These are discrete life-long events whether short (acute) or long (chronic) duration that may hinder or facilitate the continuous search for health. The MPS is based on the following assumptions, which reflect the perspectives of nursing and behavioral science: 1. People seek to create living conditions through which they can express their unique potential for human health. 2. People have the capacity to reflect on their own conscience, including the evaluation of their own competencies. 3. People value growth in positive directions and seek to achieve a personally acceptable balance between change and stability. 4. Individuals actively seek to regulate their own behavior. 5. Individuals in all their biopsychosocial complexity interact with the environment, progressively transforming the environment and transforming in time. 6. Health professionals are part of the interpersonal environment, which influences people throughout their useful lives. 7. Self-initiated reconfiguration of interactive person-environment patterns is essential for behavior
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