Nola Pender's Health Promotion Model

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This paper delves into the subject of health, which is interpreted in a wide array of views depending on one’s cultural background and values. We will take a look at Nola Pender’s Health Promotion Model and how that is incorporated into my family’s health practices. With a combination of a Western and tradition Chinese upbringing, I will evaluate on how my experiences growing up have both positively and negatively affected my personal definition of health and health practices. There is no singular definition of health. Some would say it is the absence of illness. As others would define it as an overall wellness that incorporates your physical, mental, and social state. There is a wide array of interpretations of what health really means.…show more content…
If any member of my family is unwell, we take the time to do whatever we can to make sure that person is well rested and back on their feet as soon as possible. We prioritize the needs of our family as a whole rather than our own personal interests. We are huge believers in health protection or illness prevention. Health protection or illness prevention is “described as behavior motivated desire to actively avoid illness, detect it early, or maintain functioning within the constraints of illness” (Nola Pender, 2011). By promoting and protecting our health, it allows us to live to our peak and overall well-being. My family is a big believer in being physically well. One of the best preventions we have use is the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specifically with Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine…show more content…
While Chinese medicinal beliefs have their upsides, they also have their downsides. Concerning traditional Chinese medicine, specifically with Chinese herbal medicine, my family holds too many expectations. They believe almost anything can be fixed with Chinese herbal medicine, but in some cases, is untrue. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, some herbal medicines are marketed in the United States are marketed as dietary supplements, where FDA regulations are less stringent and strict. Therefore, some Chinese herbal products may be unsafe. Some are reported to even be contaminated with drugs, toxins, or heavy metals. With daily consumption of herbs that are contaminated would lead to serious and even fatal side effects. This does not mean that all Chinese herbal products are unsafe, but there needs to be stricter FDA regulations in order to make sure no harm is done to those who consume herbal products

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