Nominal Variable In Statistics

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Once an individual can identify the level of measurement, then the data can be interpreted from the variable. The variable must be measured first; next the individual can conduct a statistical analysis. Based on the variety of homes, the level of measurement that was used was nominal. Nominals are mostly used for categories or numbers which is used to identify the measurement on a nominal scale. Nominal variable do not have a particular order for categories which usually includes two or more while giving the least amount of details. Such as taking a survey on who lives in a home, apartment, duplex or trailer. The order of value does not hold a significant mathematical meaning. The number of arrests level of measurement is based on an interval…show more content…
Often times using the example to measure temperature is an interval variable. Temperatures that are 75 to 80 degrees is the same as temperatures that are 100 to 105 or measuring speed from 30 mph to 40 mph is the same as 70 mph to 80 mph. Mean is used measure interval variables because it will give an average distance between the data. Ratio variable is similar to interval variables and uses mean as central tendency. Mean will calculate the average of the value and the slightest change will disrupt the mean. Gangs will always exist in some areas, despite the opportunities for prevention in communities. Many individuals commit crimes due to economic reasons such as low income, projects, gangs, or just for the thrill. Gang members will remain a permanent fixture in the criminal world. While some individuals feel that crime is their only means of survival, in the end it is their choice to commit or not commit a crime. Data has given an insight into what type of life the average gang member comes from such as; do they live in a home, apartment, duplex, or trailer. The research was collected 343 gang members asked the questions of; how long have they lived in their home based on the number of months, how many siblings does the average gang member have and the number of times the gang member been arrested on (Walker,…show more content…
“Organized crime such as gang members often maximizes opportunities and fills voids associated with a community’s failure to provide adequate employment opportunities, sufficient retirement benefits, adequate information and assistance in providing and locating adequate housing and consumer goods, and sufficient funding to strengthen legitimate economic enterprises on which many community members depend for survival” (Lyman & Potter, 2011). The conclusion that can be drawn from the data is that the average gang member lived in a house which shows that they live in a community setting. The community could be low income, but that data was not established. Out of the 343 gang members 243 of them had never been arrested which was surprising (Walker, 2009). But, because the frequency had a high variety of value with the amount of time gang members lived at their current residents the conclusion was some showed stability while others seemed to move around within a few years. The final conclusion made about gang members is that a large portion come from a 1 to 2 sibling family members with the highest number of 137 gang members said they have at least one sibling whereas 79 gang members has two siblings (Walker,

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