Nomophobia In The 21st Century

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Nomophobia in the 21st century- A personal account (My picture shows a box without a phone. It is meant to portray the absence of my phone. In my essay I reflect my afterthoughts through the ever-increasing pain of the event of losing my phone and highlight an important issue of today’s day and age- nomophobia) It is said (however clichéd the idiom may be), that one realises the true worth of an object after the loss of it. The truth of the statement is experienced by so many on such a frequent basis that even an unsuspecting stranger, when asked about the truth of the phrase would without a shred of doubt attest to it. You’d have heard of him. Never seen him, but, nevertheless, heard of him. Heard of that idiotic boy who lost his shiny new 2-month old iPhone 7 in a cab ever so conveniently that he, highly possibly, will never see the face of it for the rest of his days on this small ruthless planet we call home. Nonetheless, the boy weathered the damage. Withstood the disappointment that he inflicted upon himself and the pain that caused him considerable regret through the next few days. Trivial as it may seem, the boy hated every bit of it. That idiotic boy is me. Unsuspectingly and ingenuously I paid the taxi driver a sum total of $36. Ecstatic of my new independent life as freshman, I conveniently waltzed out of the taxi. Strolling back to my hall, I met a friend. Who this friend is, is unimportant. However, this friend, whenever we meet, gives me an invaluable account
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