Nomophobia Speech

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A very good morning to Ms Hazel and my fellow friends. Today it is my pleasure to take this opportunity to deliver a speech about the dangers of nomophobia. Most of you may be wondering what is meant by nomophobia? Recently, researchers have shown an increased interest in addressing the smartphone addiction from the perspective of “nomophobia” which is an abbreviation for no-mobile-phone phobia where the individual is afraid to be without mobile device. (Campbell, 2015). In this digital era, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other digital devices are weapons of mass distraction because of their addictive nature, multi-functionality, mobility and omnipresence. (Idris, 2014). It is undeniably true that smartphones are with us 24/7. We use…show more content…
With a smartphone or any devices that are able to gain access to the Internet in hand, we can have all the information at our fingertips. It is unquestionable that one of the most useful function of a smartphone is we can access to the Internet regardless where we are. However, the other side of the coin is that easy access to the Internet means that we can visit any websites without limits. This could be very dangerous when the younger people especially for those who are still immature accidentally exposed to some unhealthy websites that contains inappropriate materials such as pornography and violence. For instance, when they are surfing the Internet, an advertisement that contains unhealthy information suddenly popped up and they just click into the website under the impulse of curiosity. Many researchers and experts reveal the fact that more than half of the teenagers have viewed pornographic materials from their phones and watching pornography has become part of their daily routine. (Unknown, 2012) The inappropriate information from pronographic and violence materials from the Internet has polluted the minds of teenagers and this may affect their sexual behaviour in the future. So, the role of parents is of paramount importance to monitor the use of smartphones among their children especially for those with
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