Essay On Non Adherence

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Medication non-adherence can be understood as lack of compliance with the provider recommendations with regards to medications. (1) The WHO defines adherence as “the extent to which the persons' behaviour (including medication-taking) corresponds with agreed recommendations from a healthcare provider”. It is a complicated and multidimensional health care problem which involved the discontinuation of medications temporarily or permanently by the patients or even taking the medication at inaccurate dose or frequency.(1) Non-adherent of medications can occur in various stage where patients may choose to not to refill their prescriptions or even do not want to start the treatment at all. The reasons for the patient to deviate from the prescribed medications may vary and can occur intentionally or unintentionally.(2)
Factors that affecting the non-adherence
The process of non-adherence on medications can occur in an intentional or unintentional way. In order to find a
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In this case, patients have made up their mind and have weighed the merits and demerits of the treatment in a rational way. Various elements has contributed to the lack of confidence of the patients to the drugs and failed to motivate them to consume the essential drugs. For instance, due to illiteracy in some patients, it creates a condition where patients are dubious about their medications and may lead to many adverse effects such as drug dependency, development of other diseases as well as decreased in long term efficacy. Psychological state of the patient in which they claimed that particular dugs can remind that they are ill also may bring about the state of non-adherence. Patient counselling and proper communication between patient and physicians are required to encourage patient to adhere to the
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