Non Communicable Diseases Case Study

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The present study falls in the domain of Medical Sociology that helps in enhancing the understanding of complex relationship between social factors present in the society and health of an individual. In the present research the focus is upon ‘Doctors as Patients’. Parson (1951) in his work ‘The Social System’ observes illness as deviant behavior and physician acts as societal gatekeeper to the illness for the restoration of health of the people and normal functioning of society.
Doctors are often said to be healthier than the general population because their standard mortality rate is lower (Schlicht S.M. et al. 1990). However, doctors have similar rates of chronic illness and have the same preventive health needs as the general community
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Comparison of Communicable Diseases & Lifestyle/NCDs
A comparison between communicable and non-communicable diseases have been given below in the form of table to understand clearly what we mean by non-communicable diseases and how they can be differentiated from communicable diseases. Communicable Diseases Non-Communicable Diseases
Spread from one person to another. Do not spread from one person to another.
Single cause embedded in biology. Multiple causes in addition to biological cause.
Sudden onset and acute and severe condition with a short life span. Gradual onset and slow progression with a long life span.
Curable after taking treatment. It requires prolonged treatment and not completely curable.
Frequent follow up is not necessary because of its short duration. It requires a frequent follow up for a long period.
Normal life can be resumed after the recovery. Person has to adapt to the new

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