Non-Diegetic Sound In John Williams The Attack On The House

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The use of diegetic and non-diegetic sound helped to express or set the mood within the scene. As Harry and Marv chase Kevin the song, “The Attack on the House” by John Williams is playing, this is a non-diegetic sound. This song fits chase scene because it is fast and suspenseful. The music builds up moments later as Kevin picks up the tarantula and places it on Marv’s face, creating anticipation and suddenly pauses. The spider put on Marv’s head causes him to shriek like a little girl, a diegetic sound. Apart from the many screams in this one film, this is one of the most iconic and hysterical. While Marv was distracted by the tarantula, Kevin found his chance to run up to the attic. As he looks out the window and prepares himself before
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