Non Discriminatory Practice

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Discriminatory and Non-discriminatory practice

A setting must have a code of practice and policies which make sure discrimination cannot occur and that they are not breaking the law. Nursery setting must recognise and respond to the needs of the individual who access their setting.
Discrimination is behaviour or action that is motivated by unfair beliefs. This can take a range of forms and can take place for a multitude of reasons and usually occurs through lack of knowledge and an understanding of diversity, every childcare professional must be conscious of the fact that a child or young person will experience some form of discrimination against them throughout their time in school, a child may be discriminated against for any reason; because
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This allows the service user to feel safe and secure in the hands of a service provider

Nursery setting should be committed to equality of opportunity in all aspects of work and values the rich social and cultural diversity of the communities. Understand that the people who provide and use nursery setting have diverse characteristics and different experiences, needs and aspirations.
Nursery setting should provide a service that actively promote equality and inclusiveness for all service user and staff and challenge discrimination and exclusion. Make sure that nursery staff reflect the diversity of the local communities and that all of those whom come to the nursery are aware of the commitment to equality and
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Promoting equality and inclusiveness should be core to any setting. It is, therefore, the responsibility of all management team and staff to implement this policy.
The management team will visibly demonstrate its leadership in promoting an organisational culture which values equality and diversity by, Monitoring performance in the delivery of policies as part of each service area strategy review and an annual review of Equality and Diversity, Regular review of key policies and strategies, including equality impact assessments, to ensure that they do not directly or indirectly discriminate against groups of people, All staff members will receive regular training on equality issues.
To develop services and facilities that are accessible, relevant and to the individuals that you work with, need gather information from service user, staff and other professional on, Competition in the local, individual needs, what changes can be made to improve the
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