Non-European Attitudes

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Since the discovery of luxurious non-European goods and their prosperous economic nature, European intervention outside of Europe steadily increased focused by the motives of “god, glory, and gold.” European systematically discovered each inch of the globe and thus created inevitable circumstances of interaction between Europeans and non-Europeans lasting from late 1700s to early 1900s. European attitudes toward this interaction greatly varied due to intellectual and cultural European trends that greatly altered their own point of view. Early interactions were guided by widely accepted Enlightenment ideals that expected individualism and tolerable thus creating an attitude of awe and respect from the Europeans to non-Europeans. However, the rise of nationalism, Industrial Revolution, and…show more content…
In the time period of 1760 to 1910, European attitudes towards non-Europeans changed from cautious respect to unveiled condescension due to change in intellectual thought inspired by nationalism, social Darwinism, and a superiority
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