Non Intervention In Criminal Justice

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In the United States the Criminal Justice System dates back to the colonial days. Punishment during that period of time wasn’t always fair, nor was it equitable. This means that the punishment didn’t always fit the crime committed by the offender. There have been many reforms from this period of time to present day. The general rules of crime, disciplining and the course of action that needs to be taken to protect the rights of the virtuous have changed, and continue to change as the Criminal Justice System evolves. The main goal of the Criminal Justice System is treat the transgressor and return them to society. In that respect, the discussion still remains in how to take care of, and most importantly how handle these wrongdoers. From this…show more content…
Here, the primary focus is on the offender. The two components that social control agencies do is punish and treat the convicted felons. Ultimately, these agencies were created to help, but the effect of creating this involvement is rather harmful. Patrons of this perspective believe that justice agencies should lessen their engagement with the criminal. Noninterventionists also disapprove of the labels that agencies and society gives the offender. These labels will follow them throughout their lives, making it hard for them to get jobs, make friends, and to go back to their normal life within their community. Many efforts have been asserted towards putting limitations on the government’s ability to govern citizens’ lives. For example, the noninterventionists have asked for decriminalization, which reduces the punishment for a criminal’s wrong doings without necessarily legalizing it. Another thing that they have requested was to deinstitutionalize, or in other words discharge non-violent first time offenders. Limiting the involvement with criminals could be the answer to lower the crime rate and to limit repeat…show more content…
The focus of this perspective is also on the offender. It involves harsh punishment for those who break the law. The thought is that the harsher the punishment is, the less likely someone would want commit a crime. This group of people want abolish legal restrictions on law enforcement, suchlike profiling people. Another thing they would like to accomplish is to diminish the exclusionary rule. This rule requires that any illegally seized evidence to be excluded from criminal proceedings. If this system in particular could be made more efficient less people would want to break the law and the effectiveness would
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