Non-Jewish Deaths In World War II

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Non-Jewish Deaths in World War II
All though many people believe that the Jewish were just about the only victims in the Holocaust, they don’t realize that all the victims as a whole, almost triple the Jewish amount of deaths. This is important because for those who lost their lives should never be forgotten. Many non-Jewish deaths took place in World War II because of their homeland, purely difference of race, bombings on Japan, and because they’re soldiers. Most victims lives were taken in Europe and West Asia. Many more religions, races, nations, and politically positioned people died in the World War II, who weren’t Jewish. Some other organizations lost almost as much as the Jewish race.
Taking Out Opposing Officials The Nazi’s hunted
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Most races differing from the Nazi ideals or the desired race was killed or imprisoned, not many of them came out of those camps relative to how many went in. The Nazi’s killed even some non-spiritual races differing from themselves such as the homo-sexuals and the diabled (Non-Jewish Deaths). Other groups they killed consisted of Jehovah’s witnesses and gypsies, Jehovah was a spiritual leader. Even though mainly most people focus on the Jewish deaths that occurred during the holocaust many other groups and races died along the way towards the end of World War three. All those not apart of the ideal “Master Race” the Nazi’s believed in were hunted and killed in the most brutal of…show more content…
When the United States of America bombed Japan, many innocent lives were taken as collateral damage to the war. “The first bomb dropped on Japan took more than 70,000 lives” (Hiroshima). The second atom bomb deployed on Japan named the Big Boy didn’t claim as many lives but still took 40,000 almost instantly. Many of the survivors were left homeless, jobless, and most felt stranded as a result of everything they loved and cared for just incinerated before their eyes. Even with all the lives lost during the first bombing most of the government officials of Japan wanted to continue the fighting with the Allies, but soon after America dropped the second bomb then about 25% of the Japanese officials wanted to continue the fighting. The main reason they did this was so they could “keep” the pride of their leader, Hideki Tojo. He on the other hand he refused to continue the major losses of his people, because even after the second bomb America was arming and ready to deploy a third atom bomb. Japan surrendered ending their conflict with the Allies and World War

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