Non-Jewish Groups In The Holocaust

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The Holocaust caused the death of over six million Jews. This mass genocide is known by how horrific and inhuman the Nazi regime was to the Jews. However, what is not widely known is that over five-million other people of non-Jewish groups were killed during the Holocaust. Homosexuals, Gypsies and Jehovah’s Witnesses were a small amount of the many non-Jewish groups affected during the Holocaust. Homosexuals were one of the many non-Jewish groups impacted by the Holocaust. Lesbians were not largely affected by the Nazi's rise to power, for example; “Lesbianism was not criminalized. This is for the subordinate role of women in the German state and society” (Lesbians and the Third Reich 1). Since women played an important role in the growing…show more content…
Jehovah's Witnesses were almost not affected by the holocaust, for example: “They refused to swear loyalty to the nazi regime… refusal to raise their arms in the heil Hitler salute, join the labor front, participate in nazi welfare collections and vote in election”( Jehovah's Witnesses: Article 1). Due to the Jehovah’s Witnesses seeing the evil in the nazi’s, they refused to join them. This decision was heavily influenced by religion, considering the nazi’s wanted to get rid of religion for the Aryan race. After refusing to join the nazi party, Jehovah’s Witnesses went through large amounts of persecution, for example: “Individual local groups of nazi’s broke up bible study groups and assaulted many Jehovah’s Witnesses” (Jehovah’s Witnesses Article 1). With Jehovah’s Witnesses strong religious beliefs, nazi’s heavily persecuted them. In addition, due to Jehovah’s Witnesses decision to not join the nazi regime, Jehovah’s Witnesses became large targets to the nazis. Jehovah’s Witnesses also dealt with persecution in concentration camps; including: “Over 6,000 were detained in nazi prisons or concentration camps” (Jehovah’s Witnesses: Article 2). With the Jehovah’s Witnesses decisions, they were eventually sent to concentration camps. And what is more upsetting is the number six-thousand only accounts for Jehovah Witnesses living in Austria and Czechoslovakia. Jehovah’s Witnesses holocaust story is different that over groups, but for their decision to stay religious and not follow the nazi party, they were
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