Non Lethal Weapons Research Paper

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A non-lethal weapon that can replace a gun is….

Which non-lethal weapon has the best chance of replacing the gun? There are a few weapons that I think that has a good chance of being a good non-lethal weapon. Would you like to be in a world where you don’t have to worry about the law enforcement killing you with a lethal weapon. When people are by the police they usually get a little scared or get on edge. I know people would love to feel safe when they are encountered by a law enforcement official. There aren’t many weapons out there that could replace the gun. I think that there really isn’t a non-lethal weapon out there that won’t kill but at the same time be effective in stopping criminals. There are weapons that are less deadlier than the gun but most kill you. I think a good replacement for lethal guns are taser guns, and the taser x26. These weapons cause the least deaths but they are still effective in self protection and stopping criminals. If taser guns replace the regular lethal weapons in law enforcement there will be less long term injuries and less casualties. If there are less deaths there will be less hate for the police and less lawsuits. With less hate for the police there will be less violent protests and anger, but most importantly we are trying to figure out which weapons could replace the
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The Greek Police Special Forces used them to end the A310 Turkish Airline hijacking at Athens International Airport in March 2003 (4. BeijingTimes). “Sometimes the police use these weapons to stop drug suspects. City police stun a man, 32, when he tries to run after a traffic stop at North Main Avenue and Bedford Street during which officers find heroin in his vehicle. A drug suspect, 26, is subdued with a Taser when he struggles with city officers trying to arrest him on South Washington Avenue. City police use a Taser on a drug suspect, 23, when he resists arrest on South Main Avenue.”
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