Non Mendelian Genetics Case Study

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1. The Non-Mendelian genetics is a pattern of inheritance in which the traits do not segregate in the accordance of Mendel’s law. In Mendelian Genetics it is an inheritance of any given trait that can be passing from parent to their offspring, to allow inherited one gene of individual the parent must have two pairing genes.


Hemophilia (A and B) is a rare disease that experienced an abnormal bleeding within an internal or external in the human body due to lack of blood clotting factor VIII (Hemophilia A) and IX (Hemophilia B). It is genetically inherited disease or a mutation those two factors. An individual has a two pairing sex chromosome which is the X and Y, to determine whether the individual is a female (XX) or male (XY). The gene
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The causes of this disorder due to an autosomal recessive and a mutation in several genes involve the absence production of melanin. In some types of albinism, if each parent has one copy of defective gene there is a chance that each offspring will be an affected or a carrier. The signs and symptoms of Albinism are absence color (skin, hair, and eyes), lighter than a normal coloring (hair, skin and eyes), patches of skin that have an absence of pigment. The most common to diagnosed albinism by the used of genetic testing, it detects the defective gene that related in this disorder. Since the Albinism is no cure, treatment is for relieving the symptoms or preventing sun damage, they wear sunglasses with UV protection to protect their eyes from sun’s rays, protective clothing and sunscreen protection to protect skin from UV…show more content…
The sickle cell is an autosomal recessive means that if both parents has a form of a defective gene it can be pass to their offspring and there is a chance to be affected but if only one parent has a defective form of a gene the child will only a carrier. The signs and symptoms are anemia the red blood cells are not enough or dying, episodes of pain means that red blood vessels are blocked by shape-sickle cell it result to a pain in chest, abdomen, and joints or in bones and the sickle cell can damage the organ to fight other infections ,so it vulnerable to infections. The diagnosis is used blood testing, it detects the defective form of hemoglobin. The treatment is through Bone marrow or stem cell
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