Non-Negligent Manslaughter Case Study

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While campus murders, non-negligent and negligent manslaughter, remain one of the rarest forms of criminal actions there is a variance between public and private institutions in this country involving the number of incidents reported on campus. Murder and non-negligent manslaughter is stated as being; “Any death caused by injuries received in a fight, argument, quarrel, assault or commission of a crime.” (Peterson’s, 2015, pg. 1) and the focus of this white paper includes bringing in non-negligent instances of manslaughter. The loss of life is serious no matter the circumstances; however, this instance of crime is relatively rare compared to all other forms of crime. Still it is important for universities to take measures including the use of background checks and security planning in association with local emergency resources can help mitigate such events from occurring.
Using the campus safety and security data cutting tool created by the U.S. Department of Education’s we learned that from 2005 through
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First private universities tend to have smaller class sizes and thus smaller population centers compared to that of public. Public universities can have class sizes easily of up to 200 or more in amphitheater style rooms. This creates a security problem as larger populations condensed into a single room could make an easy target for individuals with mal intent. Private institutions tend to have more geographically diverse student populations because of cost differentiations between in state and out of state tuitions involved with public schools. In many cases the cost of out-of-state tuition can be twice that of instate tuition whereas private universities tend to focus on a general cost to attract more

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