Non Pharmacologic Intervention

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Non Pharmacologic Interventions for Pain On initial response when someone speaks of pain, the automatic answer is; have the doctor prescribed some pain medicine for that. The American population idea of relieving pain is to pop a pill. Instead of taking that expensive pain medication, with awful side effects; pain can be managed with non-pharmacologic interventions. None medication pain relief therapy, is a way known to relieve pain without taking a chemical substance. Non pharmacologic pain exercises are heat; which is known to dull pain, ice is known to soothe pain. Massage and physical therapy is used by applying tactile stimuli to the area of pain. Acupuncture is also a common used non pharmacologic method. If the average American that…show more content…
The cost of pain soars higher than the cost of; cancer, diabetes, and heart disease (Gaskin, Richards 2013). The amount of money being wasted on pain medication is wreaking havoc on the American economy. The cost of pain debt does not include the cost of other medications, and treatments to fix the problems that pain medications caused. The amount of debt that is being accrued due to pain medication needs to be decreased with the use of non-pharmacologic interventions. Physician and caretakers implementing non-pharmacologic interventions and not prescribing pain medications upon request will help lower the amount of debt that American’s have negligently raised. Decreasing the demand on pain medications will also decrease the cost, resulting affordable purchasing power for people that non-pharmacologic interventions are not effective on. The decrease in pain medications will improve the overall health, and lessen the negative side effects it causes on…show more content…
A strong support system, and the will power to overcome making prescription medication the first resource; the life- long positive affects will prove non pharmacologic interventions effective. Non pharmacologic interventions in return will assist decreasing pain medication cost, improve side effects, and improve cognition. References Darrell J Gaskin, Patrick Richards (2012;13). The cost of pain in the United States. The journal of pain. James J.Heckman, T. K. (2013). Fostering and measuring skills. interventions that improve character and cognition. The downside and side effects of pain killers. (2013, July 1). Retrieved from Health: http:health. clevland clinic.

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