Non Sex Offenders Case Study

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The results of the case study use analysis of variance . All groups have different psychological traits, but the groups do not have different antisocial traits. Non-sex offenders have a high level of grandiosity but lack empathy compare to sex offender participates. Sex offender participates was not influence by different levels of psychological traits and antisocial traits. All sex offenders participates did not have any traits that were different. The traits were similar with the different sex offender participates. Miner also discovered that sex offender feel like they are isolated from peers while non-sex offenders are closer to their peers. It also was discovered in the case study that parental dysfunctions played a major influence…show more content…
Sex offenders also can have psychological traits. According to the article entitled “Juvenile delinquency: Lack of parental monitoring blame” by Udisa Islam, Islam stated that lack of parental control leads to teens being involved in criminal activity . Parents that do not control the behavior of their children and teach them morals and values can lead to their children become sexual offenders as adult. Islam also stated that 82 percent juveniles are more likely become drug addicts and committed other crimes because of lack of parental guidance .During pregnancy, mothers that abused alcohol can lead to their children having undeveloped brains. Sex offenders have undeveloped brains. Alcohol consumption can also create development issues of the fetus of the spinal cord and cause mental issues, brain development, and spinal. (Alcohol Effects of Fetus,2005). Another component that was proven in the case study was that influence from peers can resulted in juvenile becoming sex offender. Sometimes peer pressure can influence juveniles to commit crimes. In the article entitled, “ Juvenile Sex offenders” by Thomas Title, he stated that peers pressure is why juveniles committed sex criminal acts (Title, 2015). Psychological traits can causes juveniles to commit sexual crimes. In the article called “ Understanding Juvenile Sexual Offending Behavior: Emerging Research , Treatment Approaches and Management Practices, it stated the juvenile sex offenders have psychological problems which can resulted in juveniles engaging in sex acts. Sex offenders can also display aggression behavior. Sex offenders behavior patterns consisted of selfish and do not display any empathy for their victims. All three components contributed the personality of juveniles. It is important to have
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