Non Verbal Communication Essay

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Non-verbal Non-verbal communication is the use of facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures and posture. A dentist would usually use non-verbal skills by being aware of the tone of voice he/she is using and their own posture. Eye contact is also a way to reassure the patient moreover, it is vital when having communication with the patient. This lets the patient know their options and views are taken into consideration and they are respected. A dentist would usually have their chair upright and would have the patient seated when having a conversation with them. It is vital to greet the patient, this can be from a handshake or to by greeting the patient in a polite tone. This is a professional way to welcome the patient. If the patient doesn’t feel welcome they are likely to act defensive. If a dentist fails to use effective body language this leads the patient to feel nervous and anxious. Body language shows how strong or how weak the self-concept of the dentist is so a dentist is aware at all times how they should represent themselves to patients. A dentist will lower their tone of voice as a way to illustrate the seriousness of the topic that is being discussed. Whilst the dentist is observing the patient, a dentist should look out for body movements…show more content…
Records should be written down as a way to keep up to date with the dental records of the patient. This software becomes helpful when the patient attends another appointment with a different dentist or helps the current dentist to acknowledge the key factors, once again in another practice, if it was forgotten from the last appointment.
Dentist will give advice to the patient after the practice has ended. Advice on oral health would be given and ways to sustain good oral health. Information about factors that affect oral health would also be given by the
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