Non Verbal Communication Case Study

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Question 1
In reference to SIM University (2014), "We can define non verbal communication as those behaviours and characteristics that convey meaning without the use of words." (p.103)
From the photo shown, four types of nonverbal cues that can be identified are facial expression, eye contact , body language and clothing.
Base on these four types of non verbal behaviours, I am going to determine and discuss the functions each one serves and the possible corresponding message.
Facial Expression
Facial expression conveys meaning and is one of the most common examples of nonverbal cues. The face as a whole indicates much on human moods in reality. Through face to face or from the outlook of a facial expression, one can easily relate to the emotion
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Body Language
Posture, similar to facial expression and eye contact, is another mean of communication. Body movements and gestures conveys information about interpersonal relations and personality traits such as confidence, submissiveness and openness. Postures communicate different messages to the audience and can be desirable or undesirable based on the type of visual delivery that is desired.(Source: Boundless. "Appearance: Dress and Posture. "Boundless Communications)
In conjunction to this we can conclude that body language involves body movements such as gestures, postures and whole body movements. These movements are used to emphasize what an individual is saying, offer information on their emotions and attitudes of that individual.
Based on the photo, the group of people portrays effective gestures and presence. The lady in the blue jeans, holding on to a file is standing evenly balance, with her feet solidly on the ground thus portraying a good posture with great dynamic, commanding presence and attitude of leadership. My guess would be, she is the leader of the group. The magnitude of her posture suggest her confidence and relative strength which she portrays and perceived by others. In situation where she is standing alone, the exact posture cannot be measured solely by a single yardstick when interpreting
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