Non-Verbal Communication Empathy

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A Reflection on my Development of Non-verbal Communication and Empathy
In this annotated bibliography, I summarized and critiqued three peer-reviewed articles. I also reflected on how these articles changed my view on how foundational registered nursing skills, such as non-verbal communication and empathy, develop.
Chan, Z. Y. (2013). A qualitative study on non-verbal sensitivity in nursing students. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 22, 1941-1950. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2012.04324.x The author found that non-verbal skills, such as appropriate touch, facial expression, body positioning, and voice, improved patient outcomes (Chan, 2013). Chan (2013) used a qualitative research design with 16 nursing students from Hong Kong to determine how the
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As I acquire knowledge, skills, and competence, I will become more confident in my role as a registered nurse. The results of this study also made me aware that nursing education may not facilitate my empathy development. To maintain an empathetic, confident attitude in the face of adversity, I must continue to engage with my community, practice nursing skills, connect with empathetic mentors, and lead a balanced lifestyle by eating and sleeping well. I will also strive to finish my readings and assignments a few days before they are due to reduce academic stress. I must continuously remind myself why I am pursuing a career in registered nursing: to promote health and to change people’s lives in Canada and around the…show more content…
It is interesting that Ward et al. (2011) identified empathetic attitudes as protective factors against stress and emotional burnout. Knowing this, I will not mentally remove myself from the suffering of others. I will continue to develop my altruistic outlook to promote healthy outcomes for my patients. I have participated in some empathy development strategies, such as developing interpersonal and interviewing skills and learning from empathetic role models. After reading this article, I am more aware that I must foster positive peer relationships and receive supervision and feedback from mentors. I must also take time between each patient interaction to reorient my attitudes and to remind myself that every patient requires empathy and
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