Non Violence Social Change

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Non- Violence is an alternative way of approach to showing disagrees. It used bring social changes. In early World War I and World War II people violently brought changes by using weapon and armed struggle but when Gandhi ji came he applied non-violence as weapon in order to bring social, political, culture and economical changes. According to Gandhi ji non-violence means Satyagraha which composes of three things Satya( truth) ,Ahimsa( refusal to inflict ), Tapasya( willingness to self sacrifice). Non-violence practices done by using methods like mass non-cooperation, civil disobedience, expatriation, protest, fasting. These all changes leads to social change and main objective of social change are food, employment,
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We have seen the example of 1917’s non-violence but to understand how the non violence work in this modern world let’s give look on another example from 2011, anti- corruption movement by Anna hazare a follower of Gandhi ji. He believes in non-violence. He wants to bring changes in India by demanding JAN LOK PAL BILL. He wants to see India as corruption free nation. In this movement also so many people joined him and support him. In this movement social change happen, people stop demanding and giving bribe. Corruption has not been decreased by 100% but by 60-70%. People aware with their right to know monetary transaction in legal system. Transparency between people and legal system has been increased. There was a political change due to change in law and the due to reduction in corruption economy of India is…show more content…
these group of women used to support women by non-violence movement. Social change due to this is that women aware with their rights. Earlier women think that this is men dominating society and men have all rights to do anything. But now days women fighting against these things non-violently, peacefully.
2) Animal lover society. the PETA is the organization which support the animal silently and sometime protest against animal cruelty non-violently by talking the support of legal support. Being vegan is the option they show and make people understand by ethos logos and pathos. Social change is happen people starts support and love
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