Non Violent Resistance

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What do you guys think about non-violence, does it help our world? does it change anything? Violence may be a way to resolve conflicts easily while non-violence may be difficult, however, non-violence can lead to a social change. non-violence may be difficult to use to accomplish or stop something, but if the person is doing it correctly, it could have a huge impact on the people that person is trying to convince. Authors and groups such as Martin Luther King Jr. and the Liberian women from “Pray the Devil back to Hell” claim that non-violent resistance is justified because it is peaceful. These people claim that non-violent resistance is justified because it is peaceful. The Liberian women were tired from the violence and murder in their…show more content…
The Liberian women demanded for a peace talk with Charles Taylor by holding up signs as his car passes by everyday he goes to work (PDBH). Even when Charles ignored it, they didn’t resort to violence, they went to the Government office and barricaded the doors by sitting in front of it to prevent workers from leaving (PDBH). Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to end segregation between blacks and whites so he announced the “I have a Dream” speech. Non-violent resistance could make our world a better place. The Liberian women ended violence and murder in their country and forced Charles into exile, they managed to convince the Government about changing their ways peacefully without the use of any violence (PDBH). When violence ended, the women helped the boys who were rebels and were having a hard time the women forgave them. Martin Luther King Jr. ended segregation and got blacks and whites together. This author and groups shows us that non-violent resistance is peaceful and justified, They showed us that it can make our world a better place, it can help everyone, and that non-violence can be used to accomplish what you need to do. In my opinion, I agree that non-violent resistance is justified because it’s peaceful,shows people that we can fix our wrongs, and to make our world more
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