Non Zombie Survival Strategy

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Well, first of all I would inquest on finding more "non-zombie" people and group together. Grouping together would be a good strategy to survive because you will always have backup to get out of that almost brain eaten catastrophe. The next part of my plan would be finding the perfect place to set up base. Now if you thought about it you would want a place that is well sheltered and well protected inside. For example, maybe not having many windows or other vulnerabilities that zombies could breach, but to add to that, you also need a fast, easily accessible way to escape if needed. So with all that in mind the cafeteria would be my choice, you have an easy access to the food needed to survive and probably access to running water which is very important. But before taking shelter I would raid the shop class for weapons. Weapons are a necessity for survival, which brings up the 5 essential things I would bring to stay alive. As stated before guns along with ammo is at the very top of this list, although having raided the shop room already those weapons may not be enough. So with guns at the top of the list the next thing I would bring is a water filter, fresh water would always be a crucial point of survival. So with having a water filter you have the possibility of fresh water anywhere…show more content…
This would create a different set up of survival. Starting this new plan would be raiding, anything from a huge store to a small residential house would be raided. The reason for this would be getting supplies and replenishing weapons, ammo, or anything that may need to be replaced. Surrounding that would be hints of the original plan created, there would still always have to be safe place to ensure a consist place of protection so that it is always there if it is needed. To end, I would start a search for human civilization to eventually rebuild our great
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