Nonconformists Reject Mainstream Culture

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Are non-conformists rebels or people trying to progress the world? Non-conformists reject mainstream culture to join a counterculture. There are many non-conformists groups like the homosexuals, artists, and Goths who are stereotyped as rebellious or lazy by other people that don't agree with the ideas of their counterculture. However the stories of nonconformists helping society have made it clear that non-conformity is helpful and furthermore enhances society. Non-conformists’ ideas reject mainstream culture, however, those ideas are trying to improve the world or are helping others by accepting them when mainstream society looks down upon them.

Non-conforming groups accept people who differ from others. One year ago a young heroine in
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Many people argue that non-conformists only join these groups for their own self gain, however, when Muslim people in America who dress non-conventionally to those around them are they being selfish or are they just expressing their culture and religion. Head scarfs are religious articles of clothing that Muslim women wear, they challenge what is normal attire for people in America. Since this isn’t a usual article of clothing, some mainstream Americans think of it as weird or ugly. Obviously these women are only expressing their culture and religion, they aren’t being selfish. Other opponents say that some people consider it popular to be unique in a specific way, and are just setting up and joining these groups as a way of showing how cool they are. Yet, gay people do not follow this concept. Homosexuals challenge the mainstream idea that relationships should be between a man and a woman. Their decision to be open about their non-conformist ways has led to some people claiming that their views disagree with their religion or culture, which means that it isn’t cool to be different. Being cool isn’t a factor in people’s decision to join a non-conformist group. Finally, some people argue that the ideas of non-conformists groups like pole vaulters are dumb, reckless and may hurt others. However, these athletes are not being reckless or endangering others. They train a lot for these sports and they nor anyone else is not in any danger unless they put themselves in it purposefully. As for stupid, high jump athletes do their sport to challenge themselves and advance the limits of the human body. So are high jumpers stupid and reckless, or are they pushing mainstream ideas about what heights you can

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