Nonconformity In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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“One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” is a book written by Ken Kesey about a group of men living in an unforgiving mental ward, filled with many unjust guidelines and rules. In that book, it tells the story of Chief Bromden, a patient at a mental ward, and Randle McMurphy, another patient who has recently been admitted into the mental ward. When McMurphy arrives, he begins to stir up trouble with Nurse Ratched, who controls everything and everyone in the ward. McMurphy goes against most, if not all, the rules that the nurse has in place because he realizes that her rules are unfair, and that her actions and behavior are not justifiable. McMurphy doesn't believe in a world full of conformists, where everyone is the same, and where life revolves …show more content…

OFOTCN also uses many examples of nonconformity in the book, as Randle McMurphy changes many things in the Ward to help out the patients, making life on the ward a little better for everyone and there are many examples of this in the story. It's not only in books and history where you will find stories of nonconformists, there is a lot of movies that surround themselves on the idea of non conforming and rebelling against the man in the film industry as well, including some very reputable movies including The Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, and even an old classic Cool Hand Luke. Many of these revolve around a protagonist who does not believe in the way the system runs, and many of them make it their goal to make it better for everyone. Nonconformity is not always justifiable, but when it is, it is when an injustice has or is occurring, there are many examples of Nonconformity in history, some of the most famous nonconformists are very famous, these popular nonconformists include Martin Luther King Jr, our Founding Fathers, and LGBT Rights Activists, just to name a few. MLK went against all the norms of society, fighting against the extreme prejudice toward african-americans in the 1950’s and being the cornerstone for equal rights for all people, no matter their race or ethnicity. If it weren’t for …show more content…

Randle McMurphy goes against everything that the ward stands for, all its rules and guidelines, it is with this attitude that McMurphy changes many of the rules that the ward has in place. In one scene he makes an attempt to separate the acutes and chronics, so that the acutes can play cards in peace in a different room, although he has a rough time getting through Nurse Ratched, he still manages to get his wish to come true after using some manipulation against Dr Spivey, that’s one point for McMurphy against Nurse Ratched. Although this may seem like a simple request, it starts making the other patients think about the rules and if they really are fair and just. This is the first step in getting the patients to stop conforming to the wards rules, and starts bringing about other conformists in the groups of acutes. The next act against Nurse Ratched and her power to control everyone was McMurphy’s plan to change the schedule so that the acutes can watch the World Series, although it fails after Nurse Ratched turns off the TV, McMurphy and the acutes all get together to watch the blank screen. This is a very powerful image that shows that the acutes are now on McMurphy’s side, and Nurse Ratched loses it during this scene as well, making it obvious that McMurphy’s antics are slowly getting to Nurse

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