Nonfictional Book Analysis

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Books about students learning, may provide insight into how students learn. Since students will be able to relate to it. Author and narrator of my Freshman Year Cathay Smalls, also known as Rebecca Nathan uses this nonfictional book to help us understand her life as a freshman in college. This text is an excellent tool to demonstrate how students learn. Although nonfictional books helps us understand how students learn, there are also fictional books too, such as Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets demonstrates how students learn through the eyes of the students at Hogwarts. In both books students by reading, listening, observing and practicing. However, students in my freshmen year evidently learn more by observing. While in Harry Potter, students learn mostly by practicing and reading, but in both they learned by listening. Students in my freshman year learn contrast to Harry Potter book. Because they’re were studying different things for example my freshman year is learning about other student. While Harry Potter is learning about spells. To do so adequately each have to use their own approach. In my freshmen year students learn specifically…show more content…
Student like Hermione learned their spells by reading the textbook which helped them transform into bodies they want to change into. An example of this could be found on page 159. Like the nonfictional book my freshmen year this musical book demonstrates students learning through listening. An example of students learning through listening would be when Hermione found page 164. This a form of teaching because Hermione listen to their teacher in order for her to have knowledge on spells can help them. In both books learn both by using their listening skills while as an individual book they learn through the focus of one’s specific method. In my freshman year the students learn by mainly observing write students learn by mainly reading in the Harry Potter
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