The Importance Of Work-Family Conflict In The Workplace

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INTRODUCTION Conflict is a reality of life in today workplace . Conflict is a work place can be functional or nonfunctional . The level conflict , can be healthy in the organization as it encourages employee to search for better ways to do their jobs and we can also eliminates groupthink. nonfunctional conflicts can cause stress and headache for employees in the organization. . In this generation there are many families now have both spouses(husband & wife) working, and they should also balance their personal and professional lives become very important for an employee. Nowadays many modern organizations are putting so much pressure on their employees to be competitive to their competitors…show more content…
Certain policies can include telework and teleworking policies where employees have the capacity to work from home.

Family - to – work conflict
Family-work conflict can also be reduced by establishing workplace family-friendly policies. Some of these policies include gestation, paternity, parental, and sick leaves providing child care options either on-site child care center at the business, references to close child care centers, or supplemented child care incomes for the families placing their children in a child care center, and health care insurance.

Employees who work outside of the home and have excessive schedules are finding a way to keep in touch with their families when the employee can not be physically with them. Cell phones and mobile devices make it so that family members and loved ones are at the finger tips of working employee. "Technology has provided a bit of an upper hand to employee, allowing them unique control and creativity in strategy the tenuous balance between work and
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Conflict creation is mostly occurring in organizations. Bellow - ranking employees clash with higher ranking employees: operational methods antiquate, advanced thinking, lack of accepting refused to settle in organizations in conflicts is consists from principles, nature, public and cultural standards are factors to generate stress .To motivate employees there are some main points: 1. Give staff more rewards and credits and what they need.if the employee done great work gives them more rewards and appreciate and recognition in front of his subordinates . And it really motivates the employees and then they perform better and work hard for the organization

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